This is dog/cat/fur-friend themed Christmas journal I made to raise some funds for Sweet Pea Animal Hospital and Rescue (the entire proceeds will go toward the rescue side of the organisation!) I have been volunteering my Saturday mornings and afternoons to help take care of some of the rescue animals at Sweet Pea since August, and have had it in my heart to put my crafts to good use to raise some money for the animals and the dedicated team behind them; which will improve the livelihood of current and future rescue animals at Sweet Pea.

Sweet Pea is one of the local veterinary hospitals where I live, but they also run a rescue where they take on ‘unwanted’ and abandoned pets until they can find their forever homes.
The rescue animals are given a safe place to live, health care and additional veterinary care when needed, as well as unconditional love, and as much time as possible in the hands of those who are already spread so thin.

Sweet Pea has established such a great rescue, with a team of dedicated volunteers and vet staff working around the clock; day after day and week after week, the heart and love behind the cause is so strong!

This journal will be the first made by me in honour of the Rescue and will become available to purchase by auction! The idea is to hopefully raise as much as possible with all proceeds going to Sweet Pea!

This will be a blind bid auction. All bids can be submitted on this page and will remain anonymous - only I will see your bids! 

The auction will run from the 17.12.19 (aedt) until 20.12.19 (aedt) 

After this date I will find the highest bidder, notify them, and send a paypal invoice for prompt payment. (You can pay via paypal account or debit card)

Your bid is what you would pay for the journal and all shipping expenses will be covered by me!
In the event of a tie bid, I will contact the bidders privately to offer a tie-breaker bid. In event of an unpaid winning bid, the journal will be offered to the next highest bidder.

The minimum bid is $300 AUD / $207 USD, this journal will not be sold for less than this amount (I am hoping to raise even more than this for such a great cause!!) So please place your bids above this amount to be in the running. Thank you SO much for understanding and good luck!


If you would like to donate to Sweet Pea Animal Hospital and Rescue, but do not want to/ are unable to bid on this journal - you can also make a small donation by visiting my etsy store and purchasing my new vintage linen printable pack - Pack 20 - between the 17th of December until the 27th December.

All proceeds from this linen pack between these dates will go to the rescue!


Thank you!

This journal is softcover, made with layers of fabric and card. The cover features a vintage Christmas card image with a family (including a beloved pet doggie!!).

 Across the cover is an array of sewn-on patches made of fabric and paper, including a sweet embroidered dog. Hanging from the spine is a generous and elegant selection of beads and charms made of wood, glass, plastic, brass, buttons and more.
This journal measures approximately 10”x6”, and has over 90 pages (180 sides). The pages include double sided patterned papers, kraft paper, story book pages, vintage hankie pages and more.
It comes with a variety of tags, cards and papers to use for embellishing 'til your hearts content!!

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