This collection was inspired by some journals I made toward the beginning of my journal-making journey. The original set were 4 notebooks that had covers made up of collaged paper scraps. In this collection I have revisited these old ideas with fresh eyes and a fresh take. 

The notebooks in this collection have covers made up of paper scraps, and feature quilt-like stitching with floral embossing.

Each journal has it's own distinctive colour scheme or theme to it that makes it unique from the rest. The seam binding closure on each is also unique to it's own colours and style, which celebrates their one-of-kind nature, whilst the brown rose closure piece displayed on each book unites the entire collection.

Complimenting the notebooks in this collection is a snippet or scrap roll - a two metre long roll of various scrap papers stitched together, taped and embossed, and a pack of paper made up of mostly patterned paper scraps, but also some additional and fun surprises such as postcards, vintage photos and journal cards.