These journals were made to be loosely Halloween themed. I created them using alot of darker colours that I would not usually choose. On the outside, I still wanted to keep the covers pretty and light enough to be used for any kind of journaling; so I did some fabric collaging with interesting pieces of vintage linens and fabrics.

As a result, the covers have a deep, contrasted look to them featuring both dark and light tones in a striking way.

When the journal is closed, you can also see a little array of colours peaking out the side of the journal on the fabric ruffles, which add a nice playful pop of colour and interest with texture. 

The pages inside have all been tea dyed, which gives the journal an inviting and grungey feel. The pages are simple but very usable with thoughtfully placed pockets and hidden spots that do not limit your journaling in any way. All the halloween-esque ephemera included is removable. 




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