After my nanna passed away last year, my sister's and I resurfaced a very special old book amongst her treasured photographs, albums and awards. This book was a soft cover gatefold style, which meant it opened out on both sides (like a gate) with binding on both sides.

Inside, it held articles and newspaper clippings of family history, mostly to do with performances done by family members, and some real estate history.

It was fragile and fascinating. I had seen this book a few times before, but this time, it struck me hard with ideas that I could recreate in my own handmade books, it was the sole inspiration for this special collection of journals.


I decided to make my own set of gatefold journals, in my usual style, with more interactions and details than I usually include in my premade books. I planned, sketched out and thought long and hard about how I could create this style in the most usable way.

To me it made sense to dedicate each half/side of the books to one particular purpose, which is why the right side has pages of pockets and tuck spots, whilst the left side has plenty of more plain papers and pages to customise until your heart's content!