Within this gallery I have two styles of Christmas notebooks from two different collections.

The first style is the TN style- this collection featured window hole covers (where the first page in the notebook was revealed), embossed painted covers and hand stitching.

Each notebook had it's own unique colour scheme, individual patterns and papers, and an eclectic set of tabs hanging out down the side of the journal.
These books were designed to fit inside standard and wide TN leather covers, or use as stand alone journals for the Christmas season.

The next set of notebooks shown on this page are the layered Christmas notebooks. Again, this set featured my typical window cover design, but this time, the notebooks had a small spine which allowed room for 2 signatures, and pages that became wider as you flicked through; allowing you to see peaks of many of the pages even when the cover was closed.

This collection was also designed to be suitable for use with TN covers, or as a stand alone journal.