Growing up, creativity was my safe place. I wrapped it around myself like a cocoon and stayed safely hidden inside. I was quiet, shy, but always loved developing my own ideas through creativity.

For me, it was my own world.

My grandpa had quirky nicknames for myself and my older sister; she was Maggie, and I was Bin-dy. So when I first named my shop Little Bindy, it was a nod to my roots and the time in my life that being creative became so important to me.

As time went on, the pronunciation was often confused between Bin-dy and Bine-dy (like bookBINDing), and even I caught onto that until I didn't even know which way I preferred it.  

Nowadays, I don't mind which way people say it because it really has a double meaning for me.

During my teenage years, I drifted away from my creativity a little bit; I fell comfortably into the mind set that I had all the time in the world to get serious about life, that everything would eventually fall into place as it should.. Until finally while completing my last year of school, I fell pregnant.
Deciding to keep my son, and raise him to the best of my abilities at such a young age, I took on a responsibility I knew I would never actually be ready for until faced with it.
He quickly taught me what was most important in life and all of a sudden, my urge to document his life, my memories, and spend my free time making things became stronger than ever.

I taught myself how to make my own journals in 2013, and practiced consistently. I started selling my work in my local town and eventually, plucked up the courage to begin a youtube channel and open an Etsy store. I could never have dreamed so many people would end up seeing my work and following my journey.

Now I have 3 young children, and through the success so far of my channel, I have been able to build a business based on what I love, give myself career based goals while still being a stay at home mum; and contribute to my young family through my art.

My passion lies in preserving the highs and lows of life, the small mediocre moments in each day, and teaming that with the gift that being creative brings; which to me, is making something out of nothing from within yourself.

No matter what external forces you have around you, or what you have available to you right now, you can always power creativity, you can always have something to fall back on.

And from that you can truly grow something out of nothing.